toll free: +1-888-957-6852 | With Product Key In this time and date, there has been an impending concern on the increase of technical troubles and cybercrime in the digital world. Most individuals and companies are aware of such issues and this is why they are always looking for an eminent security product to shield their devices. Hence, antivirus products like Norton have been recommended by a colossal number of computer users. The Norton com setup is a security product that safeguards digital devices like tablets, computers, etc from virus and malware. In order to make the device secure, users have to download the Norton product and activate on the

What are the procedures to follow to download the Norton Antivirus tool on the system?

⦁ The first thing is to choose which Norton product they want to get on their device
⦁ After the operating system has been turned on, the system will start running
⦁ At the toolbar section, open the internet browser
⦁ Go to the official website.
⦁ At the top column, select the respective country, language, and region
⦁ To create a new account for new members, they have to give the essential details to create an account
⦁ Once it has been created, they can log in
⦁ Before downloading the antivirus tool, they should make sure that they have checked the downloading policies
⦁ The final step is to click on the download option : How to complete set up of Norton Antivirus

To complete the Norton com setup after the download has been completed, users must proceed to the next step which is to install the Norton antivirus on the system.
⦁ Open the folder where the Norton Setup has been saved
⦁ Tapping on the downloaded file when getting it up and running for the activation
⦁ Press two times on the Norton Setup
⦁ Next, on the page of the user’s account, click the yes option
⦁ To sign in to the Norton account, enter the email that was used to register
⦁ Now press on the install button
⦁ Read the given instructions closely
⦁ The will start the process of installing will
⦁ After the completion, restarting the system will place the installed setup in the right position With Product Key : Activate using the product key

After verifying that the Norton Setup that was purchased is completely authentic, the installer must complete with the activation process. If the antivirus is not activated, they can choose to follow the free trial service offer. To complete the activation procedure of With Product Key , they should follow the given steps.
⦁ In the toolbar search for the symbol that indicates the Norton software
⦁ After finding the symbol, double on it
⦁ The software should be allowed to open
⦁ Insert the 25-character product code given as the time of purchase
⦁ Press on the activate button which will be seen at the top-left of the screen
The Norton Antivirus will be up and running in the background without any glitches or creating technical difficulties to the system.